Arrive Relaxed When Traveling By Plane

planeTaking a plane to travel can be exiting and / or stressful. Long flights in a completely booked plane are not the most desirable travel experience. With a little bit of preparation the effects of long haul travel can be minimized and help to arrive more relaxed at your destination.

When it comes to first class upgrades, many coach passengers want to know what they can do to get one. You can continue reading on for a list of suggestions. Please note however, that many of these suggestions are hit or miss. There is no guarantee you will get a first class upgrade. In fact, your chances are small, but since these steps are easy to implement, you have nothing to lose by trying them.

  • Volunteer to get bumped. Airlines regularly mess up and overbook flights. Flight attendants and ticket counter representatives are left scrambling to solve the problem. First, they look for volunteers. If no one comes forward, they make the decision. Those bumped travelers are angry and likely to cause a scene. Airlines want to avoid this, so some are willing to bargain. Volunteer to be bumped, but only if you can get a free upgrade to first class on your next flight.
  • Dress nicely. It sounds silly, but if you look important, people usually think you are. Airlines cater to those they believe to be important.
  • Join a frequently flyer program. If upgrades are available for free or for a discount, they usually go to preferred customers first. These are frequent flyers. Since these programs are free to join, you have nothing to lose.

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