How To Get A New US Passport Fast

us-passportDo you plan an overseas vacation or an international cruise? Then you might need to apply for a passport or check if you current passport is still valid. Yes, they do expire, usually after 10 years. But be careful, don’t try to use it until the last day as many countries abroad will required that the passport is valid at least 6 more month upon entering the country.

All US citizen, including children, traveling overseas will need a passport. Other forms of identification like driver license etc. are not sufficient. Without this document you will not be able to board a plane or vessel heading overseas.

We have a short video that explains hot to apply for an US passport and also covers what to do if you do have an emergency in your family that requires you to travel within the next 24 hours and need a new passport.

The normal passport application process takes about 8 weeks.If you plan to travel earlier, the length can be shortened but they will charge you an extra fee.

For emergency passport applications, please call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 (TTY/TDD 1-888-874-7793) to make an appointment.

If you are not in a hurry to get a passport, visit this site and fill in the form.

Did you know that you can apply to get extra pages for your passport in case you already have stamps all over your existing pages? To apply, you should visit this site.

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